What To Get A Girlfriend For V-Day

A couple being romantic on V-day

A lot of people don’t know where to start when figuring out what to get a girlfriend for V-day. Some individuals are simply difficult to find gifts for. While others may have everything they could want. The market is flooded with cheesy gifts and low-quality trinkets, but you are looking for one-of-a-kind. The boring dozen roses or box of See’s Candy just won’t fly this year. It’s time for you to step up you and your sweetheart’s special day to the next level. This time, make it extra special. Do something they will never forget.

Not sure what to get a girlfriend for V-day? Here are twelve amazing ideas:

A Romantic Bath – This is a must have!

Candles & Rose Petals from AmazonLearn More

What is more alluring than rose petals and candles? Nothing. This particular set includes beautiful silk rose petals that will float so they work just as well artfully tossed on the floor guiding the way to the bathroom to the soothing, warm bath you’ve drawn for your partner. The best thing about the petals is that they can be dried and used again, or put away for the next romantic occasion. Pair them with a few included tea light candles, you’ll surely set a romantic mood.

Give a Romantic Message in a Bottle

Timeless Message. Learn More

Better yet- a message in a bottle! These aren’t just your old soda bottles with quickly scribbled letters thrown into the sea. These artistic, high-quality message bottles make perfect presents for any anniversary. Choose from a variety assortment of bottle forms and love messages, or choose to write your very own message to put inside. When you’re looking for what to get a girlfriend for V-day, the perfect answer might be an emotional note tucked inside a beautiful glass bottle.

Dedicate a Day

My Day Registry V-day Gift .Learn More

Many people are have seen ads for the star registry, where lovers pay to name a star after each other, even though these star names aren’t recognized and the star itself is most likely not bright enough to see in the sky. Perhaps you’d rather dedicate something more tangible to your special someone, like the very day itself? At My Day Registry you can select a month, day and year, and dedicate that day especially for your loved one. Your gift will come with a unique certificate, and will be a romantic way to make your anniversary day official. Dedicate any anniversary or birthday, or pick a day to make a new reason to celebrate.

Express Your Love In a Book

LoveBookOnline V-day Gift Idea.Learn More

Pondering what to get a girlfriend for V-day has you nervous? Tell your sweetheart how you truly feel. Don’t worry if you don’t have the experience with words or artistic vision to make a book; that’s where the LoveBook creators comes into play. Collect as many written personal sayings, coupons and inside jokes as you want. A LoveBook is a totally one-of-a-kind keepsake that will last for years to come. It is a perfect, unique V-day present.

A Jar Full of Love Letters

KindNotes V-day Gift Idea.Learn More

Often you figure out exactly what to get a girlfriend for V-day, but you’re not sure how to bring to life your idea. You should remind your love that you care for them them each day of the month with KindNotes. These easy reminders are perfect for the task. Intricate designs on durable envelopes that include customized messages to let your lover know the depth of your devotion. Make sure that they open one envelope every morning and your support will be on their mind for a whole month.

A Sketch Made With Your Photo

MyDavinci.Learn More

Photos immortalize a moment in digital form, but who ever prints them anymore? As time progresses, printed photos lack the power they once held emotionally. If something happens to a treasured printed photo, it can simply be reprinted. Instead, why not take a cherished memory and turn it into something truly unique? Transform that prized photo into a beautifully crafted pencil sketch at MyDavinci, a piece of enduring artwork that will preserve a cherished memory in a way that a caricature simply can’t match.

Favorite Pictures Turned Into a Mosaic

Canvas Pop.Learn More

Due to of the latest digital techniques and graphic design, photo mosaics are becoming more popular for V-day presents. Photo mosaics could be the perfect thing to help you discover what to get a girlfriend for V-day. Comb through your hard drive and phone pictures for the best pictures and memories with each other. Select a favorite image to be the form, and being creating a mosaic of romantic memories. The greatest moment is when you reveal a full-size print, so the two of you can inspect the image for your favorite details together.

Have Fun With Customized Underwear

Valentine Customized Underwear.Learn More

If you’re trying to figure out what to get a girlfriend for V-day, you have probably considered lingerie or underwear. Such a purchase is a difficult endeavor; what if they don’t like it? Why not spice it up with a little customization? They can’t say no to personalized boxers and panties. This present idea does tend to suit ladies more than guys, though there are a few boxer options to choose from as well. Another bonus to consider: they’ll be sure to model their gift for you.

Matching Gifts for Two

BoldLoft V-Day Gift .

Whoever has an appreciation for the cutesy, charming and whimsical will surely appreciate these gifts at BoldLoft. What can be more adorable than cups, shirts, pillows and other items with special pictures showing the endless romance of your and your loved one? Most of these items even are available in sets, so you each can have one to enjoy yourself. V-day gifts with his-and-her designs work especially well as gifts for long-distance relationships, or for situations where you two can’t enjoy the day together.

Treat Your Lover With Strawberries & Chocolate

V-day V-Day Cupcakes

Sometimes there just isn’t any other option than candy on V-day. Get your lover with a sweet tooth something to really enjoy. Special V-day cupcakes will surely be a hit, with plenty of flavors to choose from. You can also opt for something slightly healthier try a collection of gourmet fresh strawberries dipped in decadent chocolate and decorated to match the day. Nothing quite can compare to a yummy chocolate strawberry.

Make a Lasting Memory

A V-day Outing

Often a traditional gift just isn’t fitting for the occasion. Some years, an unusual experience makes a better V-day gift. Choose to get a vacation deal or experience a romantic getaway for two. There is the perfect adventure for everyone, all the way from a simple private dinner to skydiving and horseback riding. The two of you can even get a private ride in a fighter jet or helicopter for an experience you’ll never forget. Your memories of this special day will last a lifetime.

Spice It Up a Bit

A Valentine Lover's Game

If the other V-day gift ideas are a little too sweet for your loved one, what about getting something for your wild side. For more mature couples, a tame gift of chocolate or artwork might not cut it. Try one of these romantic gifts that will bring that wild side out to play. If those are a little outrageous, there is always the panty of the month club to bring a touch of V-day to every month of the year.

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Using these ideas to spur your creativity, you are sure to find your sweetheart a memorable experience for V-day every year.. They will truly love something from this list, whether it’s the simple message in a bottle or the once in a lifetime adventure for two. With options for every budget and relationship, this year will turn into. And of course, you don’t even need to tell them where you found the idea. You just magically knew what to get a girlfriend for V-day.

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